Classic Custom Furniture

A wide range of highly customizable furniture at the highest quality standards.

Excellence at Cereda Export Italy means the realization of projects for Hotels & Resorts, Bars and Restaurants, Spa & Wellness, Retail, Marine, Residential of the highest level.
It entails the ability to facilitate renovations working with different architectures and facilities from start to finish. It involves the movement of staff and goods and means following every step and knowing every moment exactly what needs to be done.

Key factors within our company are the experience gained during the many years we have been in business and the cooperation with other long-established companies and thanks to these we are able to deliver to our clients products of the highest quality that are recognizable all over the world.
Our scope of work spans from the executive planning to the production of all fixed and loose components of the project, from logistics to installation on site, from final testing to post sales assistance, always in conformity with quality, prices and deadlines agreed upon.

Cereda Export Italy

23898 Imbersago
(LC) Italy

P.IVA: 03093350134

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