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We give a complete production service, in all processes and stages, from project to painting, assembling, transportation and implementation including assistance for architects and companies that need to realize different projects, in different styles (from classical to modern) and in different quantities (from unique piece to serial production).
We guarantee to the client the complete assistance, in each phase of the process, from estimation to post-selling assistance.

At the basis of this way of thinking, there is the constant search for quality, declined in the use of the best raw materials and advanced technologies, in the competence and professionalism of the staff, in an organization of the production that aims to the perfect efficiency. All of this respecting the environment and people as human beings.

In detail, we propose the following services: 

  • Execution of serial and special products, prototypes, industrialization, products to measure and plans
  • Technical office can offer consulting service for projecting and purchasing
  • Full operating cycle: from panel or heartwood to polishing, assembling, testing, packaging and delivery
  • Management of little-sized orders, personalized by measure or finishing
  • Realization of special orders or of punctual orders
  • Panel working (mdf, chipboard, plywood, aluminum composite, laminates…) melamine, heartwood over panel or pure heartwood
  • Veneer cladding, laminate or composite materials
  • Pantographing and drilling
  • Folding system
  • Complex furniture construction, with various materials
  • Realization of complex semi-finished materials
  • Linear, shaped or postformed beading
  • Linear or shaped honeycomb panels
  • Profiling and covering patterns
  • Transparent or colored polishing, from 0 gloss to polished
  • Lacquering: dull, embossed, direct polishing
  • Assembling furniture
  • Packaging and stocking
  • Delivery

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