We provide a full service to our clients which includes lighting consultancy for the creation of professional installations meeting the needs of clients in both private and public sectors. Customized projects are created to resolve specific technical problems guaranteeing high level and having a balanced, harmonious and esthetical impact.

All this characterizes the complete range from specific installation typologies such as walk-over and drive-over up-lights, grazing up-lights for special lighting effects, cool-touch up-lights with double glass, wall-mounted products, floodlights, floodlights for underwater lighting, bulkheads and appliques, posts and poles for residential lighting. The LED product range is also wide with the advantage of considerable energy-saving and duration in time – appreciated valuable assets in the public lighting sector.

Outdoor lighting systems are produced using high quality components, they are reliable and perform well in every environmental condition. The wide range of products, the technical design, the careful selection of optical devices and the performance of the fixtures make it possible to guarantee the appropriate installation in different locations: residential or public places, pathways, historical and modern urban areas, commercial and private outdoor areas.

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