Outdoor Showers

Only high quality materials and Craftsmanship.

We form the stainless steel with artisan care, paying close attention to the elegance in design. We constantly experiment with new solutions and combinations of materials, working together with architects and designers in order to offer innovative products or designed for an exclusive swimming pool.

We only use high range Italian hydraulic components, designing and creating those components and details that are not directly accessible on the market with the quality and aesthetics that we consider essential for our products.
Creating products for this sector means continually updating contemporary research for beauty and quality in both materials and workmanship. These products must be able to enhance first class vessels with regard to design and technology while, at the same time, resisting the most aggressive weather elements and maintaining their aesthetic and functional characteristics.

Cereda Export Italy

23898 Imbersago
(LC) Italy

P.IVA: 03093350134

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